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  • Sodium Gluconate
Sodium Gluconate

Sodium Gluconate

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Sodium Gluconate

Chemical Name: Sodium Gluconate

Synonyms: Gluconic acid salt

Molecular Formula: C6H11O7Na

Easily soluble in water, hardly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether.

Sodium gluconate is the sodium salt of gluconic acid, produced by the fermentation of glucose. It is a white crystalline powder, very soluble in water. Non corrosive, non toxic and easily biodegradable (98% after 2 days). Sodium gluconate is an exceptional chelating agent, especially in concentrated alkaline solutions.

Exceeds other chelating agents such as EDTA, NTA and related compounds. It is also an efficient plasticizer.

Aqueous sodium gluconate solutions are resistant to oxidation and reduction, even at high temperatures.

In food products it works as a masking of bitter flavors.


Food and pharmaceutical products, metal cleaners, paint bleach, aluminum deoxidizer, bottle washing preparations, rust removal.

• Excellent chelating agent (sequestrant)

• Industrial / Domestic Cleaner

• Efficient plasticizer

• Water treatment

• Dairy products

• Diet / functional

foods • Meat products

• The removal of rust and other corrosive substances in steel can be achieved by alkaline deoxidation. It is the sequestering agent of preference for alkaline deoxidation, given its great effectiveness on iron in sodium hydroxide solutions. In general, the concentration of SODIUM GLUCONATE ranges from 4-10% depending on the concentration of sodium hydroxide.

• SODIUM GLUCONATE is preferably used for the stabilization of alkaline solutions and for bleaching in the textile industry. For bleaching cotton with bleach, 0.05-0.12% SODIUM GLUCONATE is used on a dry basis.

• SODIUM GLUCONATE can be used in one or two stage bleaching processes, giving good results in the inactivation of metal ions and ensuring the uniform development of oxygen.

• In the dyeing process, SODIUM GLUCONATE inactivates metal ions through the formation of soluble complexes, heavy metal ions influence the tones of chromic acid base dyes and direct dyes. SODIUM GLUCONATE promotes dyeing uniformity, dye performance and friction resistance.

• As an additive for concrete, SODIUM GLUCONATE has an optimal dispersion, as well as a good humidification of the cement ingredients, decisively increasing the treatment and comprehensibility of concrete. The adhesion of cement to the reinforcement is improved and corrosion is reduced, not affecting the stability of the concrete.


Low toxic product. The product is not identified as a dangerous substance. There are no effects associated with this material.


Stable under normal storage conditions, does not decompose under proper use, reacts with strong oxidation media, avoid contact with moisture so as not to alter the quality of it.



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