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The advantages of our grooved fittings

First, from the structural design aspect: our mechanical design of the fittings is the most scientific, reasonable and applicable, which we are proud of and much more advanced than the products of other peer manufactures. The scientific design of the the mechanical structure and the quality of raw material complement each other. Both of the two factors are key for the products quality.

Second, the streamline design of our fittings is more aesthetically advanced than our peer factories, which is also one highlight.

The third, the products quality is guaranteed. The production quality of our factory has passed ISO9001 international quality control systems authentication. Our factory strictly complies to the quality inspection procedures as follow:

(1)Molten iron analysis equipment---Carbon Silicon analyzer: mainly tests the carbon and silicon elements in the molten iron.

(2)Metallographic Test: mainly processing the tests to the component of the casting part, to ensure the mechanical properties of the products. The testing adopt 500-600 times optical microscope to process the testing of molten iron’s nodularization rate, to ensure the nodularization rate of every cast of the molten iron to be above the grade 3. This testing is one of the important part of production process to guarantee the quality.

(3)Gas tightness test is processed to prevent the products from leakage after installation of the products.

(4)Salt spray test: mainly testing the fittings’ capability of working in the wet environment.

(5)High temperature rubber aging test chamber:Mainly used to test the aging degree of the gasket. The heating environment will be 125℃,72 hours. This testing environment is the same as UL test. As for FM1920 test, it will be 145 days in high temperature.

(6)Electronic universal testing machine is used to process the gasket tests that including: tensile strength test, stretching strength test , hardness test and elasticity test.

(7)Spectrophotometer,is used to test the chemical component such as Si, Mn, P in the products.

(8)The main components including carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and the microelements such as tombarthite and magnesium in the raw materials and finished products are also be tested and controlled ,to ensure the scientific proportioning of the raw materials.

(9)Mechanical property test for the bolts and nuts: We use Computerized Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine to proceed the whole series of stretching, compressing, bending tests for the materials such as bolts and nuts which are required to reach the mechanical property performance index. By testing, the torque of bolts reach to grade 8.8, nuts reach to grade 8.

(10)Sand washing machine,is mainly used to test the impurity materials in the casting sand.

Last but not least, as for the mechanical property of our grooved fittings is able to reach four times the criteria requirement of FM approval, and five times the criteria requirement of UL approval. Our rigid coupling can be tested by random and we guarantee the test results will be better than any other grooved fitting manufactures’ rigid couplings. The price performance ratio of our products is perfect so it is very competitive.




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