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Yunge advantages

We supply piping materials from carefully selected plants in China.The company organizes comprehensive pipe production as a complete package for the applications of power generation industry, along with the refining and oil and gas industry, from developing the technical specification in collaboration with the customers engineers, production planning and ITP preparing, through manufacturing process monitoring and quality inspection, pipe stamping and ending with the final inspection and the issuing of a 3.1 or 3.2 certificate. 

Our turn-key services include engineering, fabrication project management, heavy logistics and consultancy for every project no matter large or small.

The company is distinguished by its high level of product quality control, unparalleled among the competition, covering many additional and relevant measurements not included in the manufacturing standards (e.g. additional hardness, OD and WT measurements at every meter along the pipe/tube length, personal supervising of each production stage from the inspection of input materials to the final product, etc.), so that we become the co-manufacturer and take responsibility for the final product on a par with the mill.